Frequently Asked Questions
"Sometimes in life, it's all about not asking questions anymore."
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Who is Comm'zone?

Our commercial practice company (EPCO in french) works with coaching-based team management methods. Supervision is provided by staff who are experts in business and educational practice.

Comm’zone enables students to update their professional knowledge and acquire new skills in the commercial field thanks to the

by doing

The business activities of all departments of an import-export company are reproduced in our epco to correspond in every respect to a real working environment.

Our epco maintains a permanent link with the professional realities of the active economy and uses the image and products of private companies in its practice (partnership agreement).

epco is one of the labour market measures (MMT) of the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) and is considered as an advanced training course in the framework of unemployment insurance.

Where is Comm'zone?

Comm’zone is located in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Rue Jardinière 69.

Maps and contact form, here

Why don't I receive my invoice immediately with the confirmation?

When you place an order from our webshop, you will automatically receive a confirmation on the email you provided us.

Our offices are open from Monday to Friday and your orders are processed as quickly as possible.

If after this time you still have not heard from us, please contact us through our contact form, send us an email to info@commzone.ch or call us directly at +41 (0) 32 913 02 10

How do you charge for transport?

If you are a Swiss EPCO, you will pay the current Swiss Post and/or Transcargo rates depending on the size of the shipment.

If you are a Foreign EPCO, you will pay a customs fee in addition to the delivery fee.

In both cases, these amounts are onlycommunicated to you in your invoice!

Am I entitled to a discount based on my order?

Comm’zone classifies its customers according to the total purchased in the current year. This means that the more you buy from us, the higher your percentage will be.

The following table shows the different categories:

Client E < CHF 20’000.- No discount
Client D between CHF 20’001.- and CHF 100’000.- 5%
Client C between CHF 100’001.- and CHF 150’000.- 10%
Client B between CHF 150’001.- and CHF 200’000.- 15%
Client A > CHF 200’001.- and up 20%

Where can I find the 2021 catalogue?

Our catalogue can be downloaded at any time from this link, here.

We still invite you to visit our website and place your order through this platform.

Can I order by phone or email?

Comm’zone is a business practice and as such it also adapts to the new environments that technology offers like a real business.

Therefore, Comm’zone accepts to take your orders by phone and via its webshop. E-mails are only used in case of disputes or specific questions about any problem.